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今日は釣りに行きたかったけど、雷⛈️と雨☔で断念 😔


Spent a day with a UAB college student.

We talked about school, fishing, family value. They are our future and we had a good conversation for something new to the future!

Hey Doug, Every time I come here, I realize that we all are borrowing our body for a short period of time on this earth, right? It is not how long we lived, but how we lived our lives. Sometimes I lose my vision, but to sit here by you, I feel something. Thanks again for your time and see you around😃 ダグに会いに来る度に思う。 僕らは地球から僅かな時間を借りて、この身体を使ってこの世という場所に存在している。 どれだけの時間を生きたのではなく、どう生きて来たのか、が生きる証だと信じて前進し続けたい。