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ライブタックル Live Tackle



It's been raining today so Im working on my tackle.

Here is my list of equipment I used at the live show.

Rod: Shimano Zodias 172M

Reel: Shimano Curado 150 DC

Line: Gamma Edge 12#

Lure: Jackall Doon 1/2oz

Trailer hook: Owner 3/0

Rod: Shimano Expride 170MG

Reel: Shimano Metanium MGL

Line: Gamma Edge 12#

Lure: Jackall Doon 3/8oz

Trailer hook: Owner 3/0

Boat: Blazer 625 Pro Elite

Engine: Mercury 250HP 4 stroke.

Jackplate: Bob's machine 10"

Anchor: Dual Power poles

Sunglass: DNA Model: Hayate. Made in Japan since 1989

There were several times they were hooked on the trailer hooks so you know it is important to have one.



The brand new Doon became such condition after half the day of fishing!


We can see the head is all beat up! These bass bites on any moving things so their teeth are so sharp!


OK, let me get back to my tackle prep again!


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