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'Dream come true'

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International collaboration.

 'The world connected through bass fshing'


This is my give back to my country. As I am still chasing my dream in America, bass fishermen in Japan are dreaming to fish in America as well. But there are so many barriers that hesitate them doing so such as language communication, financial status, and no time for vacation.


I dinnot want them to give up their dream so I decided to create the event that they can fish the US tournament. However in reality, I cannot bring 100s of them to the US at once, so I decided to have a fair way for this present.


I started the open team tournament in Japan, and winning team gets to visit the US. I begun in 2008 and American Bass Anglers has collaborated this event as Japan team gets to participate the ABA Championship as their partnership!

Kota’s American Dream tournament became a true ‘dream come true’ event for Japanese anglers, and I cannot thank enough ABA’s big heart for welcoming Japanese anglers!

Also, there are many US companies, organizations and people have been helping this event become successful.


I would like to keep introducing Japanese anglers the greatness of America through bass fishing.

Bass has taught me our life can be  wonderful ,and bass also shaped who I am.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to all of you for supporting my will and the adventure to connect the world through bass fishing!


Thank you!


April 2020.


Kota Kiriyama

Kota Kiriyama


自分がアメリカで夢を追い続けていく中、故郷の日本を振り返れば、’いつかはアメリカ‘  を夢見ているバスフィッシャーマンが沢山いることに気付きました。














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